The Legend in the Sea

2012-04-27 09:13:03 by C-Storm

Uploaded my newest Orchestral soundtrack theme. Its not used in anything, just made it for my own satisfaction. re=BFa&list=LL5Kci4zGw9YRUBuwCUs5DDQ

Its the same song as "After the Sun" here on newgrounds, but couldnt delete it or change the name?! Atleast I couldnt find it.

New Orchestral Song I made

2011-05-09 14:43:54 by C-Storm LB0U

Posted Northern Skies on youtube :)

Added the song The Last Castle to the trailer for Perfect World International Genesis...

Click here for YouTube link to Trailer

Need music for you flashgame?!

2009-12-10 14:39:52 by C-Storm


If you are making a good flashgame and want music for it. I will gladly work with you to produce the music for your game. Send me a message if you are interested :)

Interested in making a rap?

2009-11-06 15:53:46 by C-Storm

I reconstructed the theme tune from the british BBC series Chronicles of Narnia and put it away for a while, then I realized it could be cool as a beat... Its still under construction. But if you can Rap good and are interested in making the vocals, let me know.. :)

I make something here and then but nothing that I finish. I play too much Perfect World International atm so I will get back to this as soon as im finished with that :)


2008-10-18 18:41:38 by C-Storm

Im making a Remix of Terminator 2: Judgement Day Theme song. So it will soon be up on Newgrounds :D

Like anyone care anyways ;)

New Zelda Remix

2008-03-29 23:36:53 by C-Storm

A new Zelda Remix is done, an orchestral soundtrack type of song of the Dragon Roost Island from Zelda Wind Waker..